The Lantau Paddle Adventure Series is quite simply an excuse to get onto the water this summer! It is a FREE open invitation to individuals, friends and families across our community to join in a twice-weekly series that features 22 different paddle routes for all abilities, launching from 3 of DB's beaches, across the 6 weeks of summer.


As well as enjoying the water around Discovery Bay, there is a little added adventure as the paddles all equate to an iconic water-based distance (aka- a 'virtual challenge' - more info below) whilst also focusing on the environmental needs of our local marine environment. This is an inclusive series that welcomes all water enthusiasts (of all ages and abilities, although some prior experience would be useful) and all types of watercraft (including SUP, kayaks, small craft, and swimmers), just pick and choose whichever 'virtual challenge' takes your fancy.


The 22 paddle routes are split into 10 'virtual challenges' that you can take part in. As mentioned, the distance that we cover will equate to an iconic water-based distance in the real world (such as crossing Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong = 1km) - thus completing a 'virtual challenge'. Information regarding dates, times, and map links can be found via the buttons below.


Sign up to join a paddle session via the 'Register Now' button at the bottom of the page. Don't forget, everyone is welcome, just bring your gear along, and get involved!


(*Please note we are not instructors but are happy to lead the tours. There will be a disclaimer form to complete. This must be completed by all participants prior to the paddle. It also mentions that participants must bring their own equipment, must be responsible for themselves and for their dependants, and a safety device MUST be worn by each individual.


*Click on the underlined location for a map of the route.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 1.39.27 PM.png
Victoria Harbour,
Hong Kong
Golden Gate Bridge,
San Francisco, USA
Grand Canal,
Venice, Italy
Alcatraz Prison Loop,
San Francisco, USA
Sydney to Manly,
Width of Amazon River,
Manhattan to Statue of Liberty,
New York
Strait of Gibraltar
Cook Strait,
New Zealand
North Channel,
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